PA Online Lottery Second Chance Drawings Now Include “Spooktacular”

Play Spooktacular Second Chance Drawing

Add “Spooktacular” as the latest Pennsylvania Lottery game to get the “Second Chance” drawing treatment. Running until November 1st, Spooktacular will allow Pennsylvania lottery players to receive a “Second Chance” of winning when playing qualified games.

Up to $200,000 in second chance prizes will be awarded just through Spooktacular.

Players playing Halloween lottery games are eligible

Top qualify for Spooktacular, you must play a Halloween-themed scratch-off ticket — Jack O Lantern Jackpot or Spooky Cash . IF your ticket does not win, you just may be able to win a Second Chance prize.

The scratch-off promotion will award two $31,000 prizes, six $13,000 prizes and ten $1,000 prizes.

A second-chance drawing will also become available for Fast-Play games — Lucky 13 and Screaming 7s. Beginning October 2nd, losing tickets for these games can be entered into a drawing for a completely different set of prizes that will award two $13,000 prizes, fourteen $1,000 prizes and twenty $500 prizes.

When entering a Second Chance drawing, players will receive 1 entry for every $1 in purchase price for either drawing. The deadline to enter Spooktacular is November 1st with winners announced on the website around this date.

What is a PA Lottery Second Chance Drawing?

When playing PA Lottery games, the hope is to win the first time but “Second Chance Drawings” provide the next best thing. Available to players who don’t win on eligible games, Second Chance drawings give you a chance to win big prizes through a random prize draw.

The drawings are held for a variety of games at select times. During 2018, Second Chance drawings were held for Eagles, Steelers, Beat the Heat, Monopoly and many other scratch-off and fast-play games.

Entering PA Lottery Spooktacular Second Chance drawing

To enter a Second Chance drawing, you will need a VIP Players Club account, which you can easily sign-up for at the website.

After you have logged on the VIP Player’s Club, you can find an entire area dedicated to “Second Chance” drawings.

Once on the Second Chance page, you will be able to enter available Second Chance drawings or view previous winners if you have already entered a previous drawing.

Second Chance Drawings PA Lottery

You can enter the drawing simply by submitting your Entry Number and Ticket Number from your losing lottery ticket. On the PA Lottery official app you will also be able to scan losing tickets directly without the need to input your numbers manaully.

PA Second Chance Drawing Spooktacular

Where to buy tickets

Despite entries being submitted online, the PA Lottery Second Chance drawings are available exclusively for tickets purchased at Pennsylvania Lottery retailers. Second Chance drawings are not yet available via the PA online lottery.

Still, the PA Online Lottery features some exciting games of its own. Players logging on to the PA online can enjoy nearly two games, which can be played 24/7 from your computer, phone or tablet. To sign-up, see our PA online lottery review, where new players can learn how they can receive a $5 no deposit bonus just to try the games out.