PlaySugarHouse Review And Promo Code

100% Of Your First Deposit Up To $250


PlaySugarHouse PA, the online casino from the Sugar House Casino based in Philadelphia, is officially live in PA as of late May, becoming the first casino in the state to launch a mobile sportsbook. A full online casino up next, slated for a release in mid-July.

One of the most popular online casinos in nearby New Jersey, PlaySugarHouse PA is expected to be a big hit, offering players hundreds of casino games, an online poker room and of course the as mentioned first-to-market online sportsbook.



NOTE: PlaySugarHouse is rebranding fully as BetRivers. It’s the same company, the same opening offer and the same software. Visit our BetRivers review if you want to learn more or sign up. The PlaySugarHouse info on this page, and the offer, are still valid.


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There is not yet a PlaySugarHouse bonus code available but it will be coming soon. New signups can currently receive a 100% up to $250 first deposit bonus. The bonus is only currently available for the online sportsbook with an expected availability coming to the casino as well once PlaySugarHouse Casino opens its doors.

The 100% up to $250 bonus means that you can deposit $250 to receive the maximum bonus. Once you have deposited for the bonus it will be credited to your account within 48 hours. You will need to wager the bonus 1x in order to withdraw the funds. Wagering will need to be done while betting sports or in the PlaySugarHouse online casino once it opens up. Make sure to activate and use the bonus within 30 days or it will expire.

PlaySugarHouse PA Bonus FAQ
What is the PA PlaySugarHouse Promo Code?250MATCH
What is the PA PlaySugarHouse Bonus?100% up to $250

Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA Only


At launch, PlaySugarHouse sportsbook bettors can place sports wagers mobile devices. Sports bettors can use either the Android app or a web-based browser. An ioS app is believed to be coming to the PlaySugarHouse mobile sportsbook but is held up for the time being.

The SugarHouse Android app is available is not available in the Google Play store. Instead, you can find the app from the PlaySugarHouse website.


Right off the gate, the PlaySugarHouse sportsbook is offering tons of betting options for sports bettors. Players can place wagers on the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL — most major sports — as well as golf, tennis, UFC, soccer and NASCAR, to name just a few. Betting markets are available not just for the biggest leagues but also some mid-tier leagues as well, in some cases.

The interface, which is powered by Kambi, offers a variety of different bet types including straight wagers, spread betting, futures, teasers and more. Featured in the PA SugarHouse sportsbook are Jackpot parlays, which pay a progressive jackpot prize for adding your selections to a combo bet.

Last but not least, PlaySugarHouse offers a selection of live in-play betting, which allows sports bettors to place live wagers on the sports as the games are happening, an engaging way to bet on sports watching your favorite sports and teams.


The PlaySugarHouse casino is expected to be the SugarHouse online casino’s bread and butter. Despite not yet launching in Pennsylvania, we have a taste of what the PlaySugarHouse casino will be like once it opens. This is because the PlaySugarHouse Casino is available in New Jersey and the Pennsylvania offering is expected to be very similar.

The casino offers players dozens of different slot games as well as many other game types. Whether you enjoy table games, video poker, virtual sports betting or bingo you will be able to find what you are looking for at PlaySugarHouse casino. If you are looking for variety, there are no fewer than 19 different game studios represented in the casino. Even if a casino offers the same game as another studio, players may be able to enjoy a different experience. Software providers include Rush Street, IGT NetEnt, Bally, NextGen and much more.

Casino players can also enjoy live dealer games available in a variety of table games including blackjack.


While you are in the SugarHouse Casino take advantage of the Rush Rewards program, which rewards the online casino's most frequent players with rewards with enhanced perks.


A PlaySugarHouse online poker is not available in New Jersey. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that a PlaySugarHouse online poker room won’t be coming to PA. Sure, the poker room has apparently not been given a priority, but it is widely expected that we will see an online poker room launch in the state from SugarHouse sooner rather than later.

Thanks to a recent court decision, it looks like Pennsylvania may be able to merge player pools with other states. With the PlaySugarHouse casino merging with its counterpart in New Jersey, it would instantly increase the size of the player pool, drastically adding to the number of games as well as prize pools available to players.

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The SugarHouse offers players a variety of convenient deposit and withdrawal options in the PlaySugarHouse online sportsbook, which will also be available in the online casino once it opens up.

Players who visit the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia can deposit with cash using a SugarHouse casino cage or the Pay with Cash method. Bank transfers, Neteller, online bill pay, Paypal and a SugarHouse prepaid card are also available directly from the PlaySugarHouse app and website.

You can contact PlaySugarHouse in PA via one of two main methods: live chat support and email support, which are both available from the SugarHouse website. Customer service is available daily from 9:30 AM to 2 AM.

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Although the SugarHouse online sportsbook went live in late May, the online casino will come nearly two months later. The PlaySugarHouse Casino is expected to launch on July 15th along with other online casinos in PA. An online poker room likely won’t be much further behind.

Yes, because SugarHouse has received a license by the state of Pennsylvania, it is considered to be among the safest online casino that players can play online. Online casinos that are regulated by the state are required to segregate player funds and make sure that security is up to the highest standards.

At this time, only the PlaySugarHouse mobile sportsbook is available to PA bettors. When the online casino opens up, it is expected that players will be able to use a single account to access both the PlaySguarHouse sportsbook and online casino. Expect the casino to become available in mid-July when many of Pennsylvania’s online casinos are expected to go live.

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