Tonight’s Bengals At Steelers MNF Game Is An Excellent Opportunity To Try Live Betting

Live Betting On PlaySugarHouse

On the surface, Monday night’s Bengals/Steelers game on Monday Night Football may not have many non-Bengals and Steelers fans that excited about the game — perhaps beside the fact that one of the teams will finally have a “W” by the end of the game.

But despite losing Ben Roethlisberger for the year and starting the season 0-3, it’s too early to throw in the towel for many Black and Gold fans. In fact, if you’re still optimistic about the Steelers, you can get them at +10000 to win the SuperBowl at PlaySugarHouse (that’s $100 for every $1 bet). If you are a bit more modest about their outlook, you can also get them at +1200 to win the division ($12 for every $1 bet) at the same sportsbook.

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But whether you are still high on the Steelers this year or have already thrown in the towel, tonight’s Monday Night game against the Bungles presents an excellent opportunity to try out a form of sports betting that you may not have experienced, Live Betting in the PlaySugarHouse online sportsbook.

In fact, events like Monday Night Football — where there is only one big game going on — present a perfect opportunity to tip your toe into live betting. Monday Night Football isn’t the event that it once was, but it’s still a time when many fans are tuning in and the game has the attention of fans.

Being that it’s a national game, the game is also on TV across the United States, as well as Pennsylvania. Watching the game with fewer distractions — i.e. other games — when many fellow fans are also watching is a great time to live bet.

What is Live Betting?

Unlike most forms of sports betting, where the wagering takes place before the game starts, in live betting the wagering occurs while the game is going on and offers sports bettors a unique chance to be engaged with the game

Live betting has gained popularity over the last decade in Europe but has been a bit slower to be adopted in the United States. With the increase of legal online sports betting in the country, it’s also become a big part of regulated online sportsbooks such as the ones that have been opeed up in PA.

While live betting, you can bet on the outcome of the game outcome, totals and an near limitless selection of props, just like you can with a traditional sportsbook. The main difference is that lines are updated instantly after every single play. See something with your own eyes that the sportsbook might not be accounting for? Use your knowledge of the home town team to try to gain an edge.

Not only can you put your money on where the game is headed, but you can also bet on the next play, next quarter, next half or what a certain player will do for the rest of the game. Add all of this together and you can see how it adds to a nearly endless amout of betting opportunities, some which resolve in a few seconds or minutes.

Live betting at PlaySugarHouse

Due to the convenience of the internet, live betting works much better while betting sports online. Wagering is as simple as sitting on your couch or at the sportsbar with your phone or computer to be ready to pounce when the lines inevitibly change.

Finding the PlaySugarHouse Live betting lines is easy. The feature is prominently highlighted by a yellow “Live Right Now” menu navigation. Click on that to be directed to a list of games currently available for live betting. You will also see a “Live” next to the game if it will have live betting lines featured.

When clicking on the game, you will be given dozens of betting lines to choose from in a variety of betting categories. The most popular betting lines will be available at the top with other choices easily accessed on your screen.

If you love to bet on sports, live in-play betting is something you should at least try. For games like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, we hope to see a good game, but if things go south, live betting might be the only way to keep the entire game interesting.

Monday night’s game can be viewed on ESPN at 8:15 PM ET with live betting available on PlaySugarHouse.