Deposit In The PA Online Lottery Using PayNearMe

Deposit with PayNearMe PA Online Lottery

The PA Online Lottery offers at least five different payment methods to fund your account. While the options range from bank transfers, Paypal and credit cards, one of the easiest options for you may be an option you have never heard of — PayNearMe.

PayNearMe offers easy cash deposits

PayNearMe allows PA Online Lottery players to fund their PA Online Lottery account at a variety of retail stores. The main appeal of PayNearMe is cash deposits, meaning you don’t need a bank account or even a credit card to make a deposit through PayNearMe. There is also no documentation required in order to use PayNearMe, unlike other methods.

Hundreds of locations are available across Pennsylvania. CVS pharmacy, Family Dollar, 7-Eleven and Ace Cash Express are just a few of the retail locations that offer PayNearMe deposit options. If there is a PayNearMe location near you, it just may be your preferred option.

You can find your nearest PayNearMe locations by going here.

Like other payment methods, the minimum you can deposit through PayNearMe to your PAiLottery account is $10.

So how does it work?

The first step for using PayNearMe is to head on over to your PA Online Lottery account. If you don’t have one, you can register for one here. New players can even free $5 no deposit bonus just for registering when using bonus code WINNER.

From your account, you will then be able to print a barcode. Take that barcode to any PayNearMe participating locations to use to make a cash deposit into your account. When using the barcode at a PayNearMe location, your funds will be uploaded to your PA Online Lottery account.

Although PayNearMe offers significant advantages over certain payment methods for some players, there are a couple possible drawbacks.

One disadvantage of PayNearMe is that if you want to make a withdrawal, you will be required to use another option. Options such as Paypal and ACH can be used to make withdrawals, however additional documentation may be required. There is also a deposit limit of $500 per day when using PayNearMe, which is lower than many other options. If you deposit $500 or more, you will need to wait another 24 hours to make a subsequent deposit.

Despite the drawbacks, this is not a negative for many players. If you are the type of PA Online Lottery player who is depositing less than $500 a day, has a PayNearMe location nearby and doesn’t mind withdrawing through another method, PayNearMe is probably a great a option for you.