PA Millionaire Raffle
Nov 2018

One PA Lottery Player Could Win $1 Million Through The 2019 Millionaire Raffle

by Craig Klinski in News category

The PA Lottery Millionaire Raffle is back again for 2019 with over $5 million prizes awarded through the January 5th drawing. The raffle will crown four new PA millionaires and also give away four $100,000 prizes, as well as other smaller prizes. Tickets are available for purchase for $20 through December or when the PA lottery sells a maximum number of tickets.

Last year, four $1 million prizes were sold for the 2018 Millionaire Raffle, with tickets sold in Allegheny, Bucks and Chester County.

About the Millionaire Raffle

The Millionaire Raffle is a unique type of draw game that spans over the course of 2 months. Unlike other draw games, the Millionaire Raffle has a main draw date, with smaller weekly drawings.

PA Lottery players can purchase Millionaire Raffle tickets at a cost of $20 a piece from participating PA Lottery retailers. Your 2019 PA Lottery Millionaire Ticket will include a unique eight-digit number, which you will use to match during drawings. Ticket numbers are generated sequentially by the PA Lottery as they are purchased.

The raffle awards approximately 50% of all tickets purchased in prizes. After 500,000 have been sold, the PA lottery will halt the sales of the tickets. When the drawing takes place, the winning prizes will be selected from a pool of all tickets sold.

PA Lottery Millionaire Raffle prizes

While the top prizes garner much of the attention of the Millionaire Raffle, there are some pretty attractive consolidation prizes for not winning $1 million. In total, 6,000 prizes are drawn through the raffle with prizes totaling $5,089,200.

Millionaire Raffle Prizes and Chances
PrizeNumber of PrizesChance Of Winning
$1 Million41 in 125,000
$100,00041 in 125,000
$1,0001001 in 84.86
5,8925,8921 in 83.33

On January 5th, numbers will be drawn from a random drawing machine to select the 6,000 winning numbers, with numbers available on the website after the drawing takes place. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you will be able to claim winning tickets worth $1,000 or less from PA lottery retailers. Players winning any of the $100,000 or $1 million prizes will need to file a claim with the PA Lottery within a year of the drawing.

In addition to the main drawing on January 5th, additional drawings are held weekly which will award two $50,000 prizes. These numbers in the weekly drawing will be from tickets purchased during the previous week.

Millionaire Raffle Weekly Drawing Schedule
Drawing NumberRaffle Ticket Purchase DatesPrize Announced
1November 6th-12thNovember 19th
2November 13th-19thNovember 26th
3November 20th-26thDecember 3rd
4November 27th-December 3rdDecember 10th
5December 4th-10thDecember 17th
6December 11th-17thDecember 24th
7December 18th-24thDecember 31st
8December 25th-31stJanuary 5th

To make sure you don’t miss a prize, enter your phone number at the Millionaire Raffle page. Doing so will allow you to receive text notifications for new numbers as they are drawn.