PA iLottery Holiday Countdown
Dec 2018

6 Facts About The PA Online Lottery’s Huge December Promotion

by Craig Klinski in News category

This is a big one, folks. The PA Online Lottery is in the holiday spirit and is offering a special promotion for PA iLottery players for the month of December. If you have enjoyed playing the iLottery since it went live in May or have even been waiting for a good reason to give it a try, this is something you will want to pay attention to.

The PA Lottery is giving away $100,000 in prizes as part of the Holiday Countdown drawing, the largest promotion of the program’s short history.

Here is what you need to know before participating in this unique offer.

Holiday Countdown is awarding $10,000 each week plus a bunch of smaller winners

Each week during the month of December, the PA Online Lottery is awarding a $10,000 grand prize plus an additional 100 $100 winners. It’s an impressive amount for an online lottery that has only been around for about seven months. The chart below details the various qualification periods:

$100,000 Holiday Countdown
Eligibility PeriodWinners RevealedGrand PrizeWeekly Prizes
November 28th-December 4thDecember 7th$10,000 (1)$100 (100)
December 5th-December 11thDecember 14$10,000 (1)$100 (100)
December 12th-December 18thDecember 21st$10,000 (1)$100 (100)
December 19th-December 25thDecember 28th$10,000 (1)$100 (100)
December 26th-January 1stJanuary 4th$10,000 (1)$100 (100)

Qualification requirements could limit participation

The $100,000 Holiday Countdown promotion seems to strike an interesting balance. The requirements to participate are fairly easy, but not easy enough that every single player who players the online lottery is going to qualify.

What are we talking about? Well, to earn entries for the drawing, a PA Online Lottery player must meet three main requirements:

  • You must make a “Claim” from the PA Online Lottery website opting into the “Holiday Countdown” promotion.
  • A deposit must be made of at least $25 during the week to receive at least one entry.
  • You must play on the day you make a deposit an amount that is equal to or greater than your deposit amount.

The third requirement — playing everything you deposited on a single day — will limit the number of players participating in the promotion. While we are not sure exactly how many people are qualifying for this promotion each week, it seems possible that there could be some respectable value from the Holiday Countdown.

Depositing more increases chances

While making a minimum deposit of $25 will be enough to give you an entry into the weekly drawing (assuming you also meet the other requirements), you can earn additional entries by making larger deposits.

  • Deposit $25-$49 to receive 1 entry into the drawing
  • Deposit $50-$99 to receive 3 entries into the drawing
  • Deposit $100 or more to receive 8 drawings into the drawing

While depositing $100 into the PA online lottery is certainly not for everyone, there is a clear benefit — those that do so will increase their chances in the drawing by 8x.

A deposit bonus – Holiday Countdown combination?

You may know that new players to the iLottery are eligible to receive a free $5 no deposit bonus when registering with bonus code WINNER. What you may not know is that they also offer a 100% up to $100 bonus on a first deposit.

It seems as though that players can make a single deposit to qualify for both the first deposit bonus and the Holiday Countdown. Not bad.

Players must meet requirement each week to participate

To participate in all weekly drawings, you must meet the Holiday Countdown requirements each week. This means that deposits, play-through and claims must be redone for each drawing you want to participate in.

This might be the time to play the PA online lottery

With over two dozen games in the PA online lottery, a no deposit bonus, a deposit bonus and now the $100,000 Holiday Countdown, it’s hard to imagine a better time to play.

Also be sure to check out “cashback” offers that are available on select games. We’ve seen 10% and even 20% cashback on a variety of games over the last few weeks. Cashback is generally only available for a specific day, so much sure you check the “Promotions” tab on the PA iLottery website and time your play receive cashback.

If you don’t yet have an account, register to receive your $5 no deposit bonus when using bonus code WINNER.