Michigan Lottery Now Allows Players To “Combo My Numbers”

Have favorite numbers that you like to play? We have good news, the MI Lottery has introduced a new way for players to play their favorite numbers. The new feature is called Combo My Numbers and it’s an easy way to play combinations of numbers when purchasing draw lottery tickets

The Combo My Numbers available through the Michigan Lottery allows a player to select anywhere from six to ten numbers. The MI Lottery will then generate tickets with every combination of numbers you selected. Combo My Numbers is available for all Draw games that are sold online, which currently includes Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5.

You can still utilize add-ons and advance draws, when combining your numbers but you will not be able to combine Powerball and Mega Ball number selections when generating your tickets.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how to Combo My Numbers in the MI Lottery.

How Combo My Numbers works

The first thing you will want to do is create or sign-in to your Michigan Lottery account. After you are logged into the Michigan Lottery, select one of the games where Combo My Numbers is available.

To select your favorite game, click on “Games” from the MI Lottery website. You can find games that are available for Combo Your Numbers by selecting “Draw” and “Online” from the filters.

Combo My Numbers Games

Click “Buy Now” to begin purchasing the ticket you wish to play. This will bring up a pop-up which will allow you to create and purchase your ticket. Players are given the option of an “Easy Pick” (a computer-generated number) or making your own selection of numbers. Instead of picking your own numbers manually, you can select the “Combo My Numbers” button to purchase a designated number of tickets with your favorite numbers.

Combo My Numbers in the Michigan Lottery

When using the combo option, you will be given a choice of selecting anywhere from 6 to 10 numbers. The more numbers you select, the more tickets you will need to purchase.

Combo My Numbers MI Lottery

Here I selected 6 numbers, which will cost me $12 dollars for 6 tickets. After I have added each of the numbers, I can purchase the tickets.

MI Combo My Numbers Feature

Confused? The Powerball game draws 5 numbers and a Powerball. By selecting 6 numbers (which doesn’t include the Powerball) I am able to generate six combinations of numbers from my Combo Numbers. Again, the larger number of Combo Numbers I add, the more tickets I will need to purchase.

Players who frequently purchase tickets online will want to have a look at the “Favorite Purchase” option, which will allow you to quickly purchase tickets using previous numbers you have used.

Who should use Combo My Numbers?

If you’re the type that buys a single Powerball ticket with your favorite numbers, you will likely find little value from this feature. However, if you have more numbers that you wish to use than is allowed, Combo My Numbers could be perfect for you.

Combo My Numbers makes selecting numbers much quicker, especially when combined with a Favorite Purchase. But watch out – when you want to play a lot of numbers, the cost can really add up.