DraftKings Flash Bet For Its Online Sportsbook Takes Live Betting To Next Level

DraftKings Flash Bet In WV, PA, IN

DraftKings, like many online sportsbooks, offers a Live In-Play betting platform, which allow sports bettors to bet on games live as they are happening. But there are limitations to a system which does not often allow betting lines on more immediate plays and outcomes.

Enter DraftKings Flash Bet. The feature represents the fastest and easiest way to engage in live sports betting. Unlike many live in-play wagering systems, which can be a bit slower, Flash Bet at DraftKings enables bettors to wager on the action on a play-by-basis, opening up even more opportunities for bettors during the game

The DraftKings FlashBet Appeal

One of the best and most appealing aspects of live sports betting is its cohesion with watching the game and keeping you more interested. Flash Bet takes that to the next level by not just allowing updating lines related the game outcome (or quarter, half etc), but what is going to happen next.

This enables sports bettors to stay even more engaged during the game. You’re watching in real time — maybe you can see something that odd makers who are setting lines can’t or don’t see. Put your knowledge and own eyes to the test and enhance the experience of watching the game and maybe even win some money in the process.

DraftKings Flash Bet was originally introduced for tennis but is expanding to other sports such as the NFL and MLB. The specific betting lines offered will vary based on the sports you are wagering on.

Closer to the Action

DraftKings says Flash Bet brings you closer to the action than ever before, and they are on point.

Graphics within the Flash Bet system don’t allow you to watch a broadcast of the game, but it does offer the next best thing — embedded graphics which show a visual representation of the game or match. You’ll see the score, results and the location of the ball, helping you feel that much more part of the game.

With the platform, Sports bettors can easily make a bet and see a history of their previous Flash Bet wagers through a timeline of their wagers. And it’s not just Flash Bet lines that are generated in real-time. Payouts from wagers are made within seconds of the resolution of the wager.

Ease of Use

DraftKings Flash Bet is easy to use, with straightforward graphics, a design that is easy on the eyes and a limited amount of visuals that avoiding getting in the way.

Because Flash Bet has an eye towards simplicity, and avoids too many betting lines, some sports bettors may find the available options lacking. In this case, the standard live play platform may be more up your alley.

But if you’re looking for betting lines on more general outcomes, you will likely find Flash Bet both useful and fun. To demonstrate an example: In a tennis match, sports bettors are able to bet in five different categories:

  • Who is going to win the next point
  • Who is going to win the next game
  • Who is going to win the next set
  • Match spread (a live update of who is favored to win the game with points added or taken away)
  • Moneyline (a live update of who is favored to win the game with straight odds)

How to use DraftKings Flash Bet

DraftKings Flash Bet is available straight from the DraftKings online sportsbook, which is available in states such as West Virginia and Indiana and can be accessed from the “Flash Bet” tab.

Flash Bet can be used from either a web-browser at the DraftKings website or on DraftKings mobile apps offered for iOS and Android devices.

New sportsbettors who sign-up to DraftKings in West Virginia are eligible to receive a 20% up to $500 first deposit bonus as well as a $200 free bet.