Yes, There Are Still Some Professional Sports Being Played Despite The Coronavirus

Sports betting Coronavirus

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, most sports across the globe have postponed play in an effort to control the worldwide spread of the disease.

The halting of action has not only affected leagues and sports fans everywhere, but sportsbooks across the globe have also been impacted, because, well there is nothing to bet on.

But despite the near-unanimous global halt on sports betting, there are actually some ways that the avid sports bettor can still place a bet or two. The situation is changing fast and the sports that are still playing games are facing increasing pressure to halt games, but they are there — at least for now and especially if you like Australian sports.

Here is what we found when going through the DraftKings Online sportsbook that is available in Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


Rugby is a notoriously tough sport so it’s not a huge surprise that rugby has continued to move forward through the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Rugby League (NRL) leagues have played games in recent games with additional games scheduled in the coming days. The National Rugby League operates in Australia and New Zealand and is the countries’ top-level rugby league.

Australian Rules Football

Another Australian sport still playing games is Australian rules football, a game similar to rugby. The top league is the Australian Football League, which just recently started its season and has thus far not stopped playing games.

Week 1 games begin on Thursday and are scheduled to run through the weekend.


Most soccer leagues (football to those outside of the United States), have been postponed during the COVID-19 outbreak, but some stubborn leagues have continued playing.

Turkey’s Süper Lig and Australia’s A League have been playing games and has games that are currently scheduled over the next few days.

The Süper Lig is the top professional league in Turkey and held games through Tuesday. More games are scheduled on Friday. Australia’s A-League is the highest level of professional soccer in the country.


If the thin selection of sports available isn’t for you, there are still plenty of futures lines to watch for your favorite U.S. sports. And with player transactions still occurring, lines are moving even though games aren’t being played.

The NFL has Super Bowl, Conference Championship winners, Division Winners and even Win Totals up. MLB has World Series Winner, AL/NL winner and division winner markets. Futures can also be found for tennis, golf, soccer and for other events that are a few months out.