UFC On DraftKings: Bet McGregor To Beat Cerrone For A Big Odds Boost

DraftKings Odds Boost McGregor

This weekend on DraftKings, get a big boost when you bet on the main event at UFC 246: Connor McGregor’s return to the ring against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Bet on McGregor to win for a 5:1 Odds Boost courtesy of DraftKings.

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It’s been a few years since McGregor’s (21–4) last win, but he is still favored (-335) against Cerrone (36–13 (1)), who lost his last two fights to KOs. Cerrone has been in a lot of fights, including three last year, and he may benefit from the fight being in the welterweight category.

Although McGregor is known to be a great striker and is considered weakest on the ground, Cerrone says he wants to stay upright and will be looking to connect with a head kick. He appears to be going into this bout ready for an uphill battle but hoping to pull out a surprise victory. It could be a very exciting matchup. 

McGregor seeks redemption

As for McGregor, his most recent fight, a loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018, may be even better known for the brawl that followed it. Right after McGregor submitted to a headlock, Nurmagomedov leaped out of the cage and into McGregor’s side, initiating an all-out brawl between the fighters and their corners. Both fighters, and several others, were suspended and fined after the incident.  

The year that followed saw McGregor on the wrong side of the law repeatedly. He’s been arrested and charged for strong-arm robbery, has pleaded guilty to assault, and has been the subject of two sexual assault investigations, at least one of which appears to be ongoing. Several of his violent outbursts were caught on camera.

In recent weeks, he’s been claiming a newfound dedication to sport, abstinence from drinking, and a five-year plan for professional and financial success — even saying he expects to be a billionaire within the next four years.

At any rate, he will be in a cage on Saturday night trying to prove to the world that he is back at the top of his game. And DraftKings wants you to benefit from his expected win!

UFC 246 promises to be an exciting event—add to the excitement with a few wagers on DraftKings!