Buying Powerball And Mega Millions Tickets Online In PA Is Now Possible (And Easy)

Buying Powerball Tickets Online In PA

It took a while, but purchasing Powerball and Mega Millions draw tickets online is now a reality in Pennsylvania. Players began to purchase the tickets through the PA iLottery starting in January of 2020.

Purchasing Powerball and Mega Millions tickets online in PA is now just as easy as creating a PA iLottery account.

Sure, you need to be located in PA to purchase your tickets online, but once you have your account, buying your lottery tickets is a simple — and fun — way to play your favorite draw games. Plus, when buying your tickets online , you will have all the options of selecting your numbers that you can when in a PA Lottery retail location.

Don’t have a PA iLottery account? You can sign-up for one here and receive a free $5 no deposit bonus as well as a 100% up to $250 deposit bonus.

How to buy PA Powerball and MegaMillions Tickets Online

Powerball PA and MegaMillions tickets can be purchased online through the PA iLottery app or via the PA iLottery website. Head on over to the “Draw Games” tab, and after clicking the “Buy Now” button, you be able to go through a series of short steps that will allow you to complete your purchase.

How many plays?

Here you will be able to select the number of plays — or sets of numbers — you would like to make per drawing. You will be able to select anywhere from 1 to 5 plays.

How many consecutive draws?

In this step, you can select the number of different drawings you would like to enter. By default, the “next drawing” will be selected. However, you can also select numbers for the next 2 drawings up to the next 26 drawings .

Keep in mind that the number of plays you selected will be applicable for all drawings.

Add Power Play?

For $1 per ticket, you can add the Power Play or Megaplier option to your ticket. These options add to the size of your non-jackpot prize winnings.

Select numbers or Quick Pick?

From this step, you can select specific numbers for the drawings you have selected. The “Quick Pick” option will allow you to quickly generate random numbers for the drawing.

If you prefer, you can also select the numbers manually by clicking on each circle. You can even do a Quick Pick and then edit certain numbers if you wish.

As you add plays and consecutive draws to your ticket, the total amount of your purchase will be listed at the bottom of the page. If you are logged in and have selected all the attributes of your ticket, you will then be able to purchase your complete your purchase

Perks to playing online

Purchasing your Powerball and MegaMillions tickets has never been easier in Pennsylvania. We’re shown you how the iLottery allows you to conveniently buy and customize your tickets online from at home or on the go, but there other benefits to purchasing online as well.

For one, you will never miss a winner. The PA iLottery will alert you to winning tickets via email when you have purchased a ticket through the iLottery. Players will also be able to easily view past winners, rules, prizes and other important information about Powerball or MegaMillions straight from the iLottery website or app.

Another big advantage of the PA iLottery is that new players can take advantage of a $5 No Deposit Bonus as well as a 100% up to $250 first deposit bonus when signing up for the first time.

There are even Powerball and MegaMillions PA Bonus offers. Check the promotions section of the PA iLottery for the latest bonuses that award extra bonus dollars when purchasing tickets through the iLottery.